Zero waste grocery shopping

bulk market haul 1

In the UK we already export our rubbish because our landfills are full. Not so fun fact; every plastic toothbrush that has ever been made will end up in landfill because it cannot be recycled! Think about how many toothbrushes you use a year – this horrified me!

Whilst the environmental impacts of this ‘disposable’ society are massive and revolting a really comprehendible way of approaching the zero-waste subject could be this; You are just going to unwrap the item, throw the packaging in the bin and use the product. Why would you pay extra for something you either already have or can purchase once and use again and again? Saving dollar is something we can all get behind. amiright.

This is where Bulk Market comes into play. These images are from purchases made on my third visit to the store and the beauty of this way of shopping is that I only need to go about once a month! I can stock up on exactly the quantity I will need of pantry essentials, shampoo and conditioner, herbs and spices, dried fruits, cleaning products, CHOCOLATE BUTTONS (yes you hear me correctly) as well as fresh seasonal produce. I love that you can buy as little or as much as you need. I needed a single apple for a recipe I’m going to try and one vanilla pod below which has since been made into vanilla bean paste for baking, a candied half pod as a cake decoration and a small bottle of vanilla extract.

It is a packaging free one stop shop and I love it.


bulk market haul 2Bulk market haul 3toiletries

I took the jars and bottles and abeego wrap with me although if you’re short on these items there is a jar bank at the store where I will be taking my excess jars later in the week, or you can buy pretty reusable packaging there.

I’d love to hear what you think about the zero-waste movement and whether it’s something you’re working on too.

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