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Madeleines might just be the underdog of the cake world, well, in England at least. In France it’s a different story. As a little girl my family would spend months where possible visiting family in the French Basque Country where the highlight of the day was waking up to as many madeleines as we could eat dunked in hot chocolate and black coffee for the adults. To this day my grandpa brings big tubs of Poulin over from France for me! Not the most healthy start to the day but we all know that a little bit of what you fancy does you good.

Normally you can find everything in London but one thing I hadn’t managed to uncover is the same quality Madeleine as you find across the channel.  This was until one Sunday when Matt and I made our favourite Sunday trip to Victoria Park Market.

madeleines and packaging

Here we discovered Bisou Les Madeleines, an East london based patisserie founded by pastry chef Helene who was born in northern France, where the madeleine originates. It is this experience which has seen Helene give her own take on traditional ingredients. The bisou box which I was kindly gifted, contained a selection of flavours including matcha and roasted almonds, candied orange peel and orange blossom glaze and almond with an elderflower glaze amongst others (see here for all the flavour combos). As well as regular sizes you can also find adorable mini-madeleines and if you follow me on Instagram, you will see their Maxi-madeleine which my family have all requested for Christmas.

Matcha madeleines 1

‘French Riviera’
Matcha + Roasted Almond

lime madeleine 2

Coconut + Seychelles Vanilla + Lime Zest


Vanilla + Slated Caramel Glaze

Helene tells me that her madeleines pair well with a chilled glass of wine which is something I can completely get on board with! Although for me nothing beats madeleines and a hot coffee.

To try these delicious madeleines click here
or pop down to Victoria Park Market on Sundays.


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