Bathroom Update

So my rented apartment is basically a white box, which is great because I’m a big fan of clean white interiors. But, I still want to inject some personality into the rooms without losing our deposit. Ever since we’ve been in rentals I’ve become a fan of command strips for picture hanging because they are adhesive so super easy to use and won’t damage the wall when you peel them off.

I’ve been wanting to create a small gallery feature in the flat for a while so, after an inspiration pit-stop on Pinterest I decided to go ahead. The first stop was the artwork. Coming from a family of artists, I much prefer having illustrations from lesser known creatives this way you are able to create a unique space.


DIY photo wall 1

I found the Line illustration with two hands on etsy and was very kindly gifted this piece which is the key image of the gallery wall. It’s playful and minimal which suits my taste and works really well in the black frame. You can see the Colour Study’s full range on their Instagram and can shop the gorgeous and affordable line drawings on Etsy here.

The rest of the pieces were sourced around this illustration. I’ve used a map of my favourite area of Copenhagen,  a sheet of marbled wrapping paper from Oliver Bonas* and some note cards from Kiki.K which have gold metallic imprinting.

*(The rest of the wrapping paper sheet is in a large frame in the kitchen which doubles as a splash back, I love using wrapping paper because it’s super cheap and you can change it up regularly to keep the space fresh. Plus it only costs £1.95!)

Finding frames was the next stage. Flying tiger is great for this, the total of all of these frames was about £10.00. The rest is just arranging and sticking which is why command strips are so great.

close up artworkArtwork illustrationquote card 1



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