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Iced ML

It’s 29 degrees and gorgeous outside, but what do you do when you’re in your small, stuffy office with an overheating bulldog dozing at your feet? Iced everything that’s what! I started the day with breakfast pops which are a lifesaver when you wake up hot and bothered, they’re also incredibly portable so perfect if you’ve got a little walk to your train or bus.
Today’s post, however, is dedicated to this little green chilled saviour. The iced matcha latte. Matcha is the powdered leaf of green tea with a slightly bitter and savoury taste and an ingredient I love. The bitterness of the powder disappears when combined with smooth milk and sweet vanilla. This recipe (can I call it that?) Was adapted from my Matcha latte which are quite simply divine. Matcha contains caffeine making this the perfect afternoon pick me up.

1 tsp Matcha Powder (ceremonial grade*)
1/4 tsp Vanilla bean paste
4tbs boiling water
1 cup cold milk of choice 
Handful of ice cubes

Mix your teaspoon of matcha  with the boiling water until smooth, I use a battery powered milk frother to make sure there aren’t any clumps but you can use a small hand whisk or fork.

– Add the Vanilla Paste and cold milk and froth together. You will have a pale Kermit colour.

– Pour into a chilled glass or bottle and top with ice-cubes.

I make mine with a milk frother for added creaminess. You can prepare a couple of these in advance, leaving out the ice cubes, and keep them in the fridge so you can grab and go.


*Buy the best quality matcha you can afford – the cheaper Matcha is more likely to contain high quantities of lead absorbed in the leaf during growth.

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