hello, it’s me

Insta 1 2016

I was wondering if after 8 months of blog absence, you would like to speak/read? I know you know what I’m going for.

A few things got in the way/put me off blogging last year, namely working on my new business which will be launching in September 2016 as well as general adulting with mixed results; but after a recent coffee and advice session with friends I feel really encouraged to get back into writing. I like to think because we’re all spread out a bit now that this is a good way of keeping them all up to date with the latest news from inside my head without spamming the group whatsaap.

Despite my radio silence I have still been doing ‘stuff’. In fact I would often find myself somewhere really fun (Copenhagen) or eating something really great (Cross town doughnuts) or doing something fancy (Shard staycation or spa breaks *hair flick*) that all seemed blog-worthy as well as some things I have learnt over the past 3/4 year such as how stressful it is selling a house or what a paraben is.

So, I’m writing to say that this B is back. Hope you’re still with me and if you’re new to design mischief – welcome to my world


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