S’mores snacks

smores 2

Arguably these best thing to come out of America…ever, if you’ve never tried s’mores before you’re in for a treat. Gooey, warm and sticky sweet these are US campfire treats which I have adapted to (slightly) lower the sugar intake but more importantly so they are easy to have on the go. These would make a great desk nibble, Autumn picnic treat or as a topping to ice-cream (because naughty + naughty = nice. Basic maths). Originally made from Graham crackers, milk chocolate and a big squashy marshmallow, the chocolate and mallow are sandwiched with the crackers and heated until the filling is molten deliciousness. My version is made from Sainsbury’s own brand Shreddies (they have less sugar than Nestlé), Green & blacks 85% dark chocolate and mini marshmallows, again Sainsbury’s own brand. If you are so inclined, you can find some vegan marshmallows HERE and use a dairy free choc.

So, not exactly a healthy snack but firstly the rich chocolate means you won’t need many and secondly you deserve a treat.

Makes 1 bag

1/2 cereal bowl shreddies
3 1/2 rows Good quality dark chocolate
A handful of mini marshmallows

  • Spread the shreddies out on a baking parchment lined tin
  • Melt the dark choc on a low heat
  • Pour the chocolate over the shreddies and mix roughly with a spoon so they all have a little bit of chocolate on them
  • Sprinkle over the marshmallows whilst the chocolate is still setting and stir again so they more or less stick to the crackers
  • Leave to cool and then eat or put them in an airtight container.



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