Inside my make up bag

Beauty is a strange one for me because it’s all about confidence. Having photoshopped the minutest spots off models and applied numerous skin perfecting filters, its safe to say that not only is the media’s level of beauty an impossible dream but even the models don’t look like models!

So, if like me you are bored of being made to feel insecure, welcome to my new approach to make up buying which revolves around minimal, skin-nourishing products enhancing what’s already there.Make up bag 1make up bag 2make up bag 3


1. Clark’s Botanicals, Intense radiance mask.
This is my secret weapon, you can feel it work from the first application and a little goes a long way. It’s a great deep cleanse for pollution-damaged skin. I use it 3 times a week.

2. L’Oreal Volume million lashes. Waterproof because you never know when the next down pour is going to turn you into a city-panda.

3. Batiste dry shampoo – Great for volume and a quick refresh on the go.If this isn’t already part of your routine, try it. You will thank me.

4. GOSH primer, when I wear foundation this gives a velvety smooth, even base. I am on a quest for the perfect foundation so am relying on tinted moisturisers or going naked at the moment!

5. Either Dior eyeshadow compact or CHANEL les 4 ombre’s in shades of nude and bought duty free!

6. Body shop, Lychee born lippy, £3.00, smooth and delicious!

Neon pink + gold friendship bracelet, Ottoman Hands.
Rose gold hand made pouch, Noble Macmillan.

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