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Winter is my favourite season and this one has been pretty busy, which contributed to (once again) dropping off the face of the earth blog-wise. In December I spent a lovely weekend visiting my cousin and Christmas shopping in Stockholm where she works as a lingerie pattern cutter. I also finished my time with  Ottoman Hands which I loved and will post about separately as I am desperate to spread the word about what I learnt and how great it was to work there. For C-day itself Matt and I were down on Exmoor with family. I had forgotten that most sentences are ended with the rounded phrase of ‘My love’ in the form of “Enjoy your coffee my love” and “your MOT has run out, my love” which was one of the nicer things abut going back home.

|Sweden In December|

Below are some photos of Stockholm. December was a great time to visit as festive lights glittered in the cold short days. Large paper stars hung, glowing in every window which I poorly attempted to replicate in my East London one bed to very different affect. My cousin showed me around the beautiful city, we Christmas shopped and drank white hot chocolate. (The photo below of a little house is one of the Swedish mail boxes- too cute!)

sweden 2


|Exmoor At Christmas|

Matt and I left Somerset spoilt and fat. Here are some pics from the dirty south.
This lady probably needs some explaining, My Grandpa lived in Ghana and was a fab architect and is still an incredible artist, being surrounded by his artwork always reminds me of home. This is a charcoal drawing of an African lady with scarification on her face. made festive with holly. Of course.

scar face

Exmoor 1

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