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I’m not sure if it’s the minimal, organic splatters and smudges or the decadence of this monochromatic crystal which is so appealing, but whatever the attraction, marble is definitely having a moment. When it comes to making things, I’m notoriously impatient – I rarely wait for cakes to cool and if the task is full of laborious steps, I’m likely to get distracted which is why this process is so great. The total make time was about half an hour and was really easy to clean up – even better!

You will need:
1x Cushion
1x Cotton cushion case ( I made one from an old bag’s dust cover but you could adapt an old pillow case)
Shaving foam (stolen from husband)
Cotton buds
Black drawing ink (or whatever colour marble you desire)
Bin bags to  cover work surface

marble cushion supplies


  • Prepare work surface – cover with bin bags
  • cover the bin bags in shaving cream – trust me, this really does work!
  • Lather the shaving cream

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  • Draw on your marble design by dipping the cotton buds into the black ink and streaking with the foam to give a natural, mottles marble effect.
  • For splatters, dip the cotton bud in the ink and flick onto the foam (be careful not to get flying ink everywhere if you do, it will stain!!)
  • Place the pillow case front side down into the swirled shaving foam + ink and press to ensure the fabric is in full contact with the foam.
  • Leave for 30 seconds/ 1 minute. The marble pattern will start to show through the fabric as in the image below.
  • Lift the cover carefully and do the same to the other side. It all looks like a big shaving foam mess at this point – that is OK!
  • Rinse the fabric until the water runs clear and the ink staining remains.
  • Dry the fabric in a tumble dryer/ with a hair dryer.
  • Et voila!

instructions 2 layout idea 2


I added a cluster of grey + orange tassels to mine because I like the colour combo with the marble print. Plus there’s a tasselled cushion from Anthropology that I’ve had my eye on and its slightly reminiscent of that!

cushion piccushion pic 2


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