Sunday Excursion : Brick Lane

Mr SpiceyOne of my favourite things to do  at the weekend is visit the numerous markets our fine country has to offer. Previously I have written about Columbia Road flower market which remains one of my favourite Sunday spots – rain or shine; iced or piping hot latte, there are too many beautiful boutiques and blooms to pass up on. A short meander down the road brings you to the bustling Brick Lane. If you’re after some vintage fabulousness, flea market hunting or sumptuous street food (Holla to ‘Meat Porn’) you’ll love this buzz. With so much to look at and real bargains to be had it’s best to get there with time to explore, cash in your pocket and your haggling hat on. I bought a mexican wrestling mask for my brother, some beautiful white dahlias, pancakes with maple syrup and bacon and a top-secret christmas present for Matt.

vintage shiners

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