Prior preparation….

Having spent most of the day in my pyjamas whilst desperately holding onto the final weekend before the return to reality, I have been considering my wardrobe for the weeks ahead and for my upcoming internship at Zoe Jordan in the Spring. In an ideal world I would roll out of bed at 8.00 jump into the shower for a 5 minute blast then dry my hair, shimmy into a fabulous outfit and slap on some make up ready for the day. In reality this is far from what happens. My alarm goes off at 7.00 and i crawl from the bed to the shower at about 7.30. When I emerge I give an envious glare to my sleeping husband who is oblivious to the world and continues to sleep through the sound of my hair dryer and the light being turned on. Then comes my morning battle with the wardrobe and after strewing half of it around the room, I settle on something simple and normally with minimal make up. So why does this take so long? And how can I ensure that I am happy with what I wear every day?
My thinking revolves around a philosophy my ex-army husband used to stick to “Prior preparation prevents piss poor performance!”. As an organisational control freak and avid reader of Martha Stewart living, this mantra is spreading to my wardrobe and I hope, will help me decide what to wear and claw back some precious time in the mornings. I am going to spend today (Saturday) putting together a selection of outfits for the next 7 days.

My rules for dressing are as follows:
1. Comfort is key
Theres no point looking fantastic but only being able to stand still all day – think about the activities you have to perform. I can be sewing, researching, going for coffee, in lectures and in the studio. My days will always include a lot of walking so heels have to be chunky or small.

2. Less is more
Keep it simple – what is more classic than a white tee and some well-fitting jeans with black pumps and a great jacket? I like to keep my clothes simple and accessorize with some neon earrings of a statement necklace, or a simple ensemble with a flash of sparkle either through embellishment or with the shoes.

3. Balance your outfit
I always think it is best to not over wear your clothes.If you have a great top then don’t accessorize with a necklace, choose smaller earrings in a similar or contrast tone to accentuate it, and put with flattering trousers or a simple skirt. If you’re chosing a more flamboyant outfit then tone down the hair and make up.

4. Know your body
We’ve all seen it, women squeezing themselves into too tight clothes – if you’re curvy embrace it. We’re all unique – if we all looked the same it would be very boring. On this note women who wear shorts that show your bum cheeks hanging out of the bottom – this is NOT a good look….ever.

5. Have fun with it – it’s only fashion.
I love walking down the street and seeing outfits everyone has put together. What’s important is that you dress for yourself, to make you happy. Fashion is an expression of individuality and in the words of Donatella Versace “It’s fun, it’s important, but it’s not medicine.”

I think it’s important to invest in the basics, so here are some great J brand jeans with some budget H&M ‘how to wear me’ ideas.
jbrand jeans

outfit accessories to put onto blog

J Brand Jeans £103.50 The Outnet
H&M tee £3.99
H&M necklace £7.99
H&M shoe boots £29.99
H&M Raspberry jacket £29.99
H&M earrings £6.99
H&M jumper £34.99
H&M white bag £29.99

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