January Sales!

Bonjour encore! I’m not a huge fan of haul blogs but I’m so pleased with my sale purchases I have to share! The inspiration behind this spree was day wear and clawing back as much time as I can in the mornings by being happy with something I can just throw on. Those who know me, know that I like simple and I like sparkle – I pretty much dress like my work, I appreciate that there is NO colour in here but I’m liking the thought of adding that through huge necklaces/earrings/scarves. So here are my online sale bargains from Zara and Asos.

zzara lace back top

£22.99 redced to £16.99

zara peplum tshirt

£15.99 reduced to £9.99

zara fringe top£39.99 (Not in the the sale but it’s beautiful so it is excused!)

asos glitter boots£45.00 Reduced to £24.00

asos grey tshirt dress

£60.00 Reduced to £19.50

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