Stylist, Carol Spencer

Sheltering from the London rain, I meet with stylist Carol Spencer in Selfridge’s Aubaine restaurant. As MD of style directions, personal shopper, author and television stylist Carol has many strings to her bow (I instantly recognise her from channel 4’s ‘Wedding house’). Our rendez-vous is sandwiched between Carol’s hectic schedule; post-personal shopping, pre-television meeting however she has found the time to discuss her life as a stylist and offer me  some necessary career advice. If Carol was not such a lovely person, it would be easy to be intimidated by her extensive career. She tells me about her literary experience following a degree in english and her brief stint as a teacher. Author of titles such as ‘Style direction for women’ and ‘Style council for men’  Carol tells of how her books have been a source of inspiration and a base of knowledge for many including television personalities Trinny and Susannah and Gok Wan. I learn that Carol’s style philosophy is somewhat unique. Chosing to focus on the four outfit shapes ‘Straight up’, ‘Cinched in’ Stream line’ and ‘Loose line’ she explains “Nobody wants to be called an apple or a brick!” This method allows you to choose what outfit silhouette would best suit your frame and style yourself from there.
I ask how to break into styling for fashion magazines (which is my career lust) and am surprised to be recommended P.R work. I’m keen to try as many fashion options as possible to find my niche and after an explanation of the ins-and-outs of fashion P.R feel like this is something I would be interested in trying. A latte later, Carol has to rush to her next meeting. My brain is buzzing with information and as I write I look forward to taking her shape and colour tests (which can be found on her website). I’m really grateful that she took the time to meet with me and share her wealth of knowledge with a novice.

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